Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is why i love LINUX


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Unknown said...

I have been using BOTH OSes for over 10 years. Think back to Windows 2000. I remember having to install almost every driver manually. Windows has had it share of issue during its growth. (and still does.. ie VISTA).

Linux is relatively young as a DESKTOP system. So yes it will need some time to mature to the point that it will be comfortable for the masses.

That being said, Linux is a viable option for those to don't want to use Windows for whatever reason. If not use Windows, I still use both.

Personally, I find Linux the simpler setup with a broader range of hardware support (even being the kid picked last for the driver game). Windows is the star player that everyone recognizes first.

IMHO, either is a solution if you have the PATIENCE to work with them.

I do... because I dual-boot!! =)

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jason said "
For example getting flash to work on the 64-bit version proved impossible for me so I switched to 32-bit. Making a VPN connection to my corporate network hasn't worked and getting connected to my windows server file share is not working.

Don't get me wrong it's very liberating to be free of Microsoft's clutches but there is still work to be done."

Why are you saying? I know what you saying, you have not try Linux Mint ( Flash just works out of the box and just use SAMBA for file shareing.

sumant said...

I love Linux so much because

1. I can extract something with one command without opening a separate program.

2. I can print a document without opening it.

3. I can update all applications with two magical words, apt-get upgrade.

4. Its free

5. Its free as in beer.

6. Its more secure than Windows

7. I can run on pretty much any hardware.
And many more

Recently I just came across a good article on "Linux"
Here is its link.

sumant said...


Unknown said...

20 minutes to download from the internet and have a working system of bleeding edge sofware. It might have been less than 20 minutes.

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